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A. Brief History of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC):

  1. Municipal Council was established by department of Urban Development, (UD) Government of Maharashtra (GoM) vide gazette Dated 04/03/1970.

  2. It was converted into class-I Municipal Council on 07/01/1975.

  3. It was converted into Municipal Corporation by the same authority vide gazette dated 06/10/1982.

B. Details of plot, plan & building/construction -

1. PCMC in its General Body Meeting resolved to build a hospital named

Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital on the plot S. No. 170, 171 owned

by the PCMC at Pimpri.

2. The plans were prepared by Mr. Shashi Prabhu & Architects, Mumbai.

3. The plans were passed & permission for construction of the building was given By PCMC vides certificate No. 88 dated 14/03/1988.

4. The building was built & utilized in phase wise manner & part completion were obtained from PCMC vide certificate No. 92 dated 21/08/1992.


C. Brief story about Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital (YCMH): -

Hospital is registered. The Registration Number is 161, Dated on 21/03/2017.

1. a) Foundation day: 17/03/1989.

1. b) Plot area: 45,167 sq. m.

1. c) Built Up area: 45, 114 sq. m.

2. a) Started with 100 beds on Ground Floor.

2. b) Expanded to 350 beds on 1st & 3rd Floor.

2. c) NICU started on 09/09/1996.

2. d) Expanded to 550 beds in 1997.

2. e) Expanded to 750 beds in 1999, upto 5th floor

2. f) ICU started on 18/10/1999 with 6 beds on 1st Floor.

2. g) ICU Expanded in 2001 to 12 beds. (Presently under repair)

2. h) Dialysis Unit started on 12/08/2002 with 6 beds, later 2 beds added.

2. i) ICU-II started on 28/05/2007 with 12 beds on 1st Floor.

2. j) NICU-II started on 26/10/2015, total 18 beds on Ground Floor.

2. k) ICU-III started on 06/08/2015 with 20 beds, total 32 beds.

2. l) Main OT complex on 1st Floor with area of 30,000 sq ft, with 8 OTs.


2. m) Other Clinical facilities (Housed in the basement) include:

2. m.1) Modernized FDA approved Blood Bank was started on 20/06/2015, on Basement with Blood component Preparation facilities.

2. m.2) Central store in the Basement.

2. m.3) CT & MRI scan centre on 1st Floor & Basement respectively.

2. m.4) Pasco (BMW) management in the Basement

2. m.5) HBOT in the Basement.

2. m.6) Laundry (Mechanical) in the Basement.

2. m.7) Incinerator in the Basement.

2. m.8) Biomedical Engineering Department in the Basement.

2. m.9) CSSD in the Basement.

2. m.10) Cardiology Center (PPP) on 1st Floor.

2. m.11) ART centre on the Ground Floor.

2. m.12) Other Essential Govt. Facilities like Family Planning, ICTC,

Malaria & leprosy center etc.

2. m.13) Post Mortem centre in separate building in the premises of YCMH.

2. m.14) OPD Counter for Health Card. (Computerized)

2 m.15) Pharmacy on Ground floor & in Basement.

2. n) Other General facilities Include:

2.n.1)Recreational Facilities, e.g. Playground, Auditorium, Indoor games

2.n.2) Resident’s hostel on the 7th Floor.

2. n.3) Staff quarters in the Akurdi Hospital campus.

2. n.4) Mess/ Canteen on the Ground Floor.

2. n.5) Parking for Vehicles in the premises.

2. n.6) Generator with capacity of 1010 KV with additional backup 560 KV.

2. n.7) Ambulances :Total no.12.& Total no. of drivers 29.


Present Status of Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital YCMH, PCMC

  1. YCM hospital is owned and managed by PCMC, a Municipal Corporation under the auspices of dept. of UD, Govt. of Maharashtra.

  2. It has total 750 beds, includes all broad and certain super-specialties.

B.1) The distribution of the beds is as under.

B.1.a) Casualty / Emergency. (12)

B.1.b) ICU – 32 Beds.

B.1.c) NICU – 18 Beds.

B.1.d) PICU – 06 Beds.

B.1.e) Surgical ICU – 05 Beds.

B.1.f) Dialysis – 08 Beds.

B.1.g) Labour Ward – 20 Beds.

B.1.h) Pre-Operative - 11 Beds.

B.1.i) Post Operative – 13 Beds.

B.1.j) Medical ICU - 12 Beds.

B.1.k) CCU -10 Beds.

B.1.l) Recovery ICU – 02 Beds.

B.2) Distribution of the beds in various specialties:

B.2.a) Medicine - 3 Units (120)

B.2.b) Surgery - 2 Units (80)

B.2.c) OBGY - 3 Units (120)

B.2.d) Orthopedics - 2 Units (80)

B.2.e) Pediatrics - 2 Units (80)

B.2.f) ENT - 1 Unit (30)

B.2.g) Psychiatry - 1 Unit (30)

B.2.i) Skin VD - 1 Unit (30)

B.2.j) Ophthalmology- 1 Unit (30)

B.2.k) TB Chest- 1 Unit (30)


C) It has total 9 OTs, 8 Well equipped OTs in the main OT complex and A minor

OT in casualty / emergency.


D) Investigative Facilities available as under

D.1) Well equipped, Computerized Labs in Biochemistry, Pathology and Micro Biology (Bacteriology, Serology) – All routine as well as necessary Special investigation are available 24/7 hours. Availability of Cytology, Histopathology, Autopsy pathology, Hematology and clinical Pathology are in the dept. of Pathology facilities for CD4 count, CBNAT facilities are also available.

D.2.a) In Radiology Dept. Facilities for X-ray, Special procedures, ultra sound sonography (USG) of various parts available 24/7 hours.

D.2.b) CT scan, MRI Scan, Stress test, 2D ECHO facilities are also available.


  1. Additional Relevant Facts

The following has already been implemented in proposed PGI YCMH of PCMC in order to convert the non teaching hospital into a teaching hospital to be affiliated to the PGI

  1. Institutional (college) council compressing of HOD’s & MEU has been formed and is regularly functioning.

  2. Pharmaco vigilance committee has been formed.

  3. library is being developed lists of books and journals is finalized

  4. Institutional (college) council compressing of HOD’s & MEU has been formed and is regularly functioning.

  5. Pharmaco vigilance committee has been formed.

  6. library is being developed lists of books and journals is finalized

  7. Anti ragging committee has been formed.

  8. Gender harassment committee has been functioning & is reformed recently in Oct 2016.

  9. Hospital is well equipped with essential equipments, instruments & other facilities. Deficiencies in the same as per MCI MSR so & PG requirements by MCI are listed.

  10. Radiological equipments are available and PNDT approval is taken for Ultrasonography (USG).

  11. Full Flagged blood bank is licensed with component facilities.

  12. BMW disposal is outsourced with MOU to official agency.

  13. 118 posts for teachers and other employees needed are sanctioned. Advertisement was given for 44 ports and interviews were held on 30/03/2017. Appointments will be shortly being given to selected candidates.

  14. Rs. 7crores are proposed for PGI YCMH by PCMC in its budget for FY 2017-18

  15. IEC is formed & its registration is sought.

  16. Clinical workload is plenty. One year’s data summary is attached.

  17. Provision is being made to provide residential quarters to needy faculty.

  18. Recreational facilities are being made available in common by PCMC

  19. Mess/canteen services are presently common; will be made available separately for PG students & staff.

E. Budgetary Provision

In the financial year 2017-2018, total amount of Rs. 71,69,25,000/- (Rs. Seventy one Crores Sixty Nine Lakhs & Twenty Five Thousand Only) is provided for YCM Hospital, of which Rs. 7,00,00,000/- (Rs. Seven Crores) are to establish a medical PGI at PCMC’s YCM Hospital, Pimpri, Pune-18

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