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List of Publications - 1st December 2020 to 31st December 2021

Sr. No Topic Journal Year Author
1 A retrospective evaluation of morbidity pattern and outcome of pediatric intensive care unit in tertiary care rural teaching hospital Book Chapter
Recent development in medicine and medical research vol -8
Oct 2021 Ambike DA, Vijay Bhavari
2 Protocol for infant massage in home setting An e-delphi approach for Consensus guidance integrating traditional wisdom with with modern medicine Journal of tropical pediatrics -2021 July 2021 Sarika Chaturvedi , Deepali A. Ambike et al
3 Symptomatic neonatal SARS- CoV-2 infection in a tertiary care teaching hospital: an observational prospective study International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics July 2021 Deepali A. Ambike, Sandhya V. Haribhakta, Seema Soni, Suryakant Mundlod
4 Clinical picture of covid 19 in children ,Rarity of covid toes or hand British journal of medical and health research Pediatrics Indexed May 2021 Deepali A. Ambike
5 A prospective review of maternal and perinatal outcome in a tertiary care rural teaching hospital Medical journal of Dr D Y Patil University I April 2021 Suryakant Mundlod, Deepali A. Ambike
6 Wilson disease an unusual presentation – A Indian journal of basic and applied medical research March 2021 Deepali A. Ambike, Sabhat Ahmed
7 A rare case of Omphalocele ,Exstrophy of bladder ,,imperforated anus and spinal defect complex with genital Anomalies in a term Neonate Pediatric on call journal Jan-2021 Seema Soni, Deepali Ambike
8 Rare Vasculitis in Childhood-Juvenile Polyarteritis Nodosa International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty Volume 3, Issue 5, Sep-Oct 2021 pp 78-80 Varvatte B,
Rajput U,
Kiruthiga A,
Shinde M,
Kulkarni R
9 Epidemiologic Al And Clinical Profile Of Non Covid 19Patients Admitted To Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Of A Tertiary Care Referral Centre During Covid 19 Pandemic Indian journal applied research Volume - 11 | Issue - 09 | September - 2021 Shalini GN,
Deshmukh I,
Kulkarni R,
Kinikar A
10 Clinical Profile, Hospital Course and Outcome of Pediatric patients with COVID 19 during Second Wave Admitted to a Tertiary Care Centerin Western Maharashtra, India IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Volume 20, Issue 9 Ser.4 (Septembe r. 2021), PP 03-09 Uday R
Rajesh Kulkarni,
Chhaya Valvi,
Aarti Kinikar
11 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on routine childhood immunization services during lockdown and post lockdown in a tertiary care centre of Western Maharashtra, India IOSR Journal Of Dental and Medical Sciences Volume 20, Issue 7 Ser.15 (July. 2021), PP 60-66 Dawre R,
Rajesh Kulkarni
Aarti Kinikar
12 Aetiology, Clinical profile and Predictor of adverse outcome amongst children with acute Flaccid Paralysis admitted to a tertiary care teaching hospital. Indian Journal of Basic and applied medical Research Volume 10 Issue 1 Dec 2020 Anagha Kulkarni,
Ninad Patil,
Rajesh Kulkarni ,
Harshali Vankar
13 Rare associaltion of Neimann-pick Disease with Adrenal Calcification and coomb’s positive Haemolytic Anaemia Global Journal for research analysis Volume 10 Issue 1 Jan 2021 Anagha Kulkarni ,
Rajesh Kulkari ,
Aarti kinikar ,
Uday Rajput
14 Tropical Pyomyositis in a child at tertiary care centre Global Journal for research analysis Volume 9 Issue 8 Aug 2020 Arati M Gade,
Somenra Sonteke ,
Aarti kinikar ,
Uday Rajput,
Rajesh Kulkarni
15 Hematological Profile of Covid-19 in Children IOSR Journal Of Dental and Medical Sciences Volume 20, Issue 7 Ser.11 (July. 2021), PP 28-34 Das A,
Sonkawade N,
Valvi C,
Kulkarni R,
Kinikar A
16 Early-onset symptomatic neonatal COVID-19 infection with high probability of vertical transmission Pubmed International (2021) 49:339–34 3 Kulkarni R,
Rajput U,
Dawre R,
Kinikar A
17 A Rare Case of Factor XIII Deficiency Presenting with Scrotal Hematoma in an Adolescent Indian Pediatrics Case Reports 2021;1:5-7 Rajesh K.
Sagar Vartak,
Niharika Karandikar,
Aarti Kinikar
18 Delayed Development of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in an Adolescent Following Electrocution Pediatric Oncall January2021 Pediatric On Call 18 (3) Kulkarni R,
Vartak S,
Sonkawade N,
Kinikar A
19 The spectrum of aeroallergen sensitization in children with wheeze at a tertiary care centre – A Prospective Observational Study Med pulse international journal of pediatrics March 2021;17(3) :44-48. Date 20 March 2021 Lalit Unema
Seema Soni
20 Hearing evaluation in high risk neonates at tertiary care teaching hospital Med pulse international journal of pediatrics May 2021;18(2) :24-26. Date 01 May 2021 Seema Soni Kaustubh Kahane
21 Case series of megaloblastic anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency in a tertiary care teaching hospital Indian Journal Of Applied Research October 2021; Volume - 11/Issue- 10/Page 31- 33 Seema Soni,
Sandhya Haribhakta,
Deepali Ambike
22 Growth Failure With Hemihypertrophy Pediatric on call Journal Oct-Dec 2021, Volume 18,Issue 4: Page 136- 137 Seema Soni,
Komal Bijarniya,
Deepali Ambike


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